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Edlira Luga - Dental Clinic

The “Edlira Luga” Dental Clinic has started its activity on 1999 with the initiative of Dr. Edlira Luga, which is from the beginning its director. This initiative was born with a clear purpose, to make the best dental practices reachable for all the people because health, especially the dental one is a precious gift which has to be guaranteed with the best treatments and an ongoing care towards prevention.

From its birth till today the clinic was subject of numerous changes and enlargements reaching till today with two different rooms of operation and dentistry turning the clinic into one of the most prestigious clinics in Durrës.

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Dental Tourism

Visit a 3000 years old city

Durrës has become a new capital of dental tourism. While you receive the best dental care, you can enjoy the beauty and history of an antique 3000 years old city which has much to offer in terms of culture, food and beauty. Part of the service that we are able to offer are also full packages of accommodation from the transfer from/to the airport, the accommodation in the best structures of the city and tours to the main tourist attractions.

There is nothing left besides to contact us for every request you might have, let us think of the rest 🙂

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