About Us

Edlira Luga - Dental Clinic

The “Edlira Luga” Dental Clinic has started its activity on 1999 with the initiative of Dr. Edlira Luga, which is from the beginning its director. This initiative was born with a clear purpose, to make the best dental practices reachable for all the people because health, especially the dental one is a precious gift which has to be guaranteed with the best treatments and an ongoing care towards prevention.

From its birth till today the clinic was subject of numerous changes and enlargements reaching till today with two different rooms of operation and dentistry turning the clinic into one of the most prestigious clinics in Durrës.

In order to offer a therapeutically welcoming environment, hygienically safe and totally secure, we have projected and built our clinic based on the legal requirements predicted for the dentistry sector.

High quality standards combined with certified equipment and materials, are the key of our ongoing success through the years.

We constantly invest on new equipment, materials and techniques in order to assure the best quality treatment for your dental health.

Our team

Beside Dr. Luga work a staff of five people between dental surgeons, dentists, secretary personnel and lab technicians. Thanks to a standardised model of human resources, we are able to guarantee personalised treatments of the highest quality with the same standards and quality service. For this purpose, our staff goes under constant trainings and certifications, from the doctors to the assistants, from the personnel dedicated in welcoming the patients to the customer service ones.

Thank you

We owe this great achievement to our patients which have always been the best visit card for our job and the best guarantee for us. Every one of them has turned into a conductor to friends and family for the professionalism and honesty that has encountered in our clinic.

We oblige to unify to the most rigorous professionalism, the availability and the efficiency in the service. In our clinic you will find beside the qualified specialists, a number of services that make possible to turn the dental tourism more available for a larger number of people.