Dental Tourism

Unfamiliar until a few years ago, the terms “Medical tourism” or “Dental tourism” are becoming more and more familiar to many families through the entire world. They describe an ongoing trend of traveling from one country to another in order to obtain medical treatments.

Some claim that the medical tourism was born initially in Greece, where people traveled from far away to obtain medical care from Herodotus, the so called father of medicine. Later on during the 20th century, rich people from developing countries, traveled towards already developed ones like USA or Germany for treatments.

However, nowadays, the concept “medical tourism” or “dental tourism” connects exclusively with patients that travel towards developing countries like Thailand, India, Hungary, Croatia, Costa Rica and Albania, which can offer not only quality services with reduced costs but also the possibility of combining your treatments with a quality vacation in well known tourist destinations.

Durrës has become the new “capital” of dental tourism, role that is trying with great success to take off from other similar realities like Croatia, Greece, Serbia ecc. This innovative activity has started in the last years but it’s progressing with giant steps towards the future.

While you receive the most advanced dental care, you can enjoy the beauty and history of an antique 3000 years old city which has much to offer in terms of culture, food and natural resources. Part of the service that we are able to offer are also full packages of accommodation from the transfer from/to the airport, thw accommodation in the best structures of the city and transport in the main tourist attractions.

There is nothing left besides to contact us for every request you might have, let us think of the rest 🙂