Our Services


Panoramic X-Ray

Professional cleaning treatment

oral hygiene treatment, whitening, ultrasonic plaque removal, polishing

Aesthetic composite fillings

Composite restorations (per tooth)

Root canal treatment (1,2 or 3 roots)

Fiber reinforcement (per tooth)

Simple Extractions of tooth or root

Complicated Extractions of tooth or root

Crown (porcelain fused to metal) / chromium-cobalt

Crown (100% porcelain / zirconium)

Crown in porcelain-palladium

Crown (porcelain fused to gold - top quality)

Temporary crown

Porcelain Veneer

Full removable dentures

Upper or lower

Removable denture

With precision attachments systems and porcelain teeth (upper or lower)

Complete Dental Implant

Including crown, in titanium produced and certified by the Italian enterprise “Leader Italia” (please refer to the site www.leaderitalia.it) including denture and healing screws.